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Tom Rotzki's Anyone EP on Planet Rhythm

What is the inspiration behind this EP? How did you come up with the name?

I didn't have a specific inspiration, my songs are created under the influence of some emotion, mood. I created it in one day, although sometimes it takes much longer. I'm not making up any theories here.

The name means that every producer of electronic music should be guided by his feelings in production, he does not need ANYONE who will try to categorize him into one subgenre or style. That's why my songs are so different from each other.

How did you overcome the challenges of this EP? If there were any.

There were no challenges. The whole EP was created very quickly. I felt that was it.

Talk to us about your Planet Rhythm release, label and mega label release.

Planet Rhythm is a label I've always wanted to release my material on, so it was one of my dreams come true. There are a lot of artists who I respect a lot and they are a role model for me when it comes to techno productions.

How did you decide on the label that releases your music?

In my DJ sets I often use the Planet Rhythm catalog so it was a natural choice.

How did you find a match on the label you're releasing the EP on?

I know the songs that come out there so I expected what they want

An instrument or device that was monumental in this EP? And why?

Both "Beloved solution” and 'Anyone' are based on vocals, but in a different form in each case

How soon can we expect the next release and what will it be about?

March 2023 - I don't want to reveal details yet.

BRC thanks Tom Rotzki for this opportunity to premiere one of his releases. Also thank you to everyone who supported "Anyone" in any manner they could.

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