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Music Market

The emotional depth of the world of artists is a region where people frequently prey on those who are unfamiliar with such sensitivity. As artists venture into the music market, they must confront the stark reality that they become commodities, assigned a price tag and stamped with an expiration date. They face a choice: either surrender themselves to be sold, or find someone willing to do it on their behalf.

To remain relevant and captivating, artists may feel compelled to tread a treacherous path, one that jeopardizes their well-being, convictions, and principles. Yet, amidst this struggle, they must come to terms with the fact that the only thing they can truly control is the relentless beat of the kick drum. The forces that shape their lives, those immutable facets never destined to be altered, lie beyond their grasp.

An old adage echoes through the ages, reminding us that when an army marches off to war, its sole focus is victory, not the fate of their closest companion. However, should that dear comrade emerge triumphant, a shared meal awaits, savored with the knowledge that tomorrow's uncertainties may render such moments fleeting. The moral of this tale is clear: once artists step into this realm, they find themselves standing alone, bearing the weight of their choices, and paying a price that cannot be understated.

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