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POSITIVE SELECTS: AB+ Curates Monthly Playlists

In an effort to support and distinguish artists who firmly believe that music speaks for itself as opposed to the ones who have succumbed to social media pressure, BRC wants to create a space for Artists who believe in music.

Through this space BRC will give artists who curate playlists on either Spotify or Soundcloud a chance to talk about the playlist in detail. AB+ has constantly upheld industry ethics proudly and we cherish that. However in these trying times Artists like him are being outnumbered, both in real in reel life. BRC will bring to the fore more such artists who have not been consumed by the pressure to become social media mouthpieces but have strongly been rooted to music and its production.

Why do you do the playlist & since when?

The playlist known as “POSITIVE SELECTS” consists of some of my personal favourites or the tracks I generally don’t play on the dancefloor but it connects to me in an inspirational way through the way I perceive it! It’s a mixture of the modern & classic tracks that were released a few decades ago but still has a shelf life & is being loved by everyone to this day.

The playlist also consists of hidden gems that I’ve found while often digging for music including tracks that are ambient/electronica & the 4/4 tunes with spatial textures.

What tracks are in and whose?

This playlist has tracks like, you could say a bit of everything, perhaps?

I handpicked these tracks that has varied emotions ranging from euphoric to emotional to aggressive to calming.

It features tracks by Rival Consoles, Dixon, Recondite, Paul Schmidpeter, Munse, Yør Kultura, ENØS, Frankey & Sandrino, Tale of Us, Trikk, ATB, Daft Punk & many more.

Why those tracks?

These tracks were chosen for the month of November but also deeply resonates with me everytime I give it a listen.

It’s almost the end of the year & these tracks perhaps give you a balance of those mixed emotions that possibly anybody would’ve felt over this year that went by in a blink.

See you guys next month for the final playlist update of 2023.

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