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Found Missing - Is This Album the Missing Piece That Anejath Found?

Congratulations, your album is absolutely astounding as I've heard. BRC wishes it success and I hope this interview aids it a little bit.

Let's break the ice with first "What is the inspiration behind this album"?

This album was just a result of constant jamming and experimenting. There is no particular inspiration behind the album, besides the influence of some of the music I was listening to and digging at the time.

When did you start composing and tell us if there were any time gaps or creative blocks?

I started composing it earlier in the year and it took me about 2 months to finish all the tracks. There were some creative blocks of course, but I eventually was able to wrap up the music.

If there were creative roadblocks, what did you do to overcome them?

There were a few roadblocks in terms of ideation and theme. But once I got some idea as to the direction and style I wanted to follow, I was able to finish a track. Once that was done, I tried using the same techniques and strategies to make the soundscapes of the rest of the tracks as well. And just like that, I was able to create this pack in time.

How does the name define your album and why?

The name of the album is an oxymoron and to a certain degree what I wanted to portray with the album was simplicity and the use of not very complex tools and techniques to create the pieces. So, for that it required a minimisation and a removal of tools and elements, rather than adding more.

If there is one emotion that you would associate with this album, what would that be and why?

As the nature of the tracks is very loopy and trippy Techno, I wanted the tracks to be dance-floor friendly. But other than that there are not many discernible emotions as such. I would like to leave that to the perception of the listeners.

An instrument or sample or equipment that has been vital to the album's release?

I have based most of the EP on the tools available in Ableton itself. I have found the synths like operator and wavetable very useful and convenient along with other processing plugins inside the DAW. They have proven useful and sufficient for the completion of the release.

An equipment in your studio that you do not use as much in music production, but you can't part ways with it. And why?

For me something that was essential for this album and my general workflow is my new production headphones by Austrian Audio. They have helped me to improve my game when it comes to making the music sound crisp, clear and loud with a good balanced mix. I feel that is essential if you want your ideas to translate well into reality.

Even though this is your genre and forte, what kind of music do you listen to at home or during leisure, while on vacation or off from work? With family and friends.

When it comes to listening to music recreationally, I am very open minded and like to explore. I like genres like Ambient, IDM and DnB in the electronic space and also Jazz, Hip-Hop and Rock/Metal from time to time.

Greater set of the demography is unaware of the challenges artists regularly face on their path to success, what’s yours?

I think, for music makers, the biggest challenge is to be able to find a signature sound or musical identity which makes you unique from your peers. I myself am on the hunt for the same right now. It is ofcourse a challenge because of the sheer number of music makers in the scene right now and the time it takes for producers to learn the skills required. It has to be an active process.

I just want to thank the listeners and my fellow producers/Djs for their continued support and hope you enjoy listening to and dancing to the tracks. Cheers.

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