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Every Click is a step Closer to Haenspiration - Haen's multi-genre Spotify Playlist

In an effort to support and distinguish artists who firmly believe that music speaks for itself as opposed to the ones who have succumbed to social media pressure, BRC wants to create a space for Artists who believe in music.

Through this space BRC will give artists who curate playlists on either Spotify or Soundcloud a chance to talk about the playlist in detail. It could feature anything from House, Techno, R&B, Dub or Break Beats, just follow the playlist for fun listening.

Why Haenspiration?

It all comes down to taste. As an artist, I’ve been actively creating music for a few years now, performing it for longer & actively listening to it for much longer. The active listening part is the most crucial. The more music I listen to & try to understand, learn from and get inspired by, the more I accept the limitless possibility when it comes to creating through sound and feeling creatively unchained and free, which in turn influences taste. We all have our likes and dislikes. Active listening answers the why. It’s become a habit.

This habit of consuming as much music as possible unfettered by genre preferences has been of utmost importance for me, especially since becoming a producer. The more I consume, the more my taste evolves, which further feeds into my creations & artistic expression. This is why ‘Haenspiration’ is a multi-genre playlist featuring music I’m inspired by, learn from and chill to.

Curated carefully from everything I consume & feel on a weekly basic. Happy Listening!

I Hope you have enjoyed reading how Haen's multi-genre Spotify Playlist featuring gets curated.

To follow the artist, click here - HAEN

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