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Deodar Breaks Cover on Future Avenue

What is the inspiration behind this EP? How did you come up with the name?

I don't really believe in inspiration, you have to create it in the studio everyday.

And if you are lucky you get a full track out of it.

The name course correction is very personal to my life and what has been going on lately. I quit my job last november to focus on music completely and wholly and that step signifies a course correction in my Path, so it's pretty literal in that sense.

How did you overcome challenges to this EP? If there were any.

Honestly speaking ,not really. Once I got the heads up from Dominique, label head; I sat and started working and had these tracks ready pretty quickly. Although I sat on it for a while before finally submitting them because I was afraid of rejection as it was my debut label release and I didn't want to disappoint him and more so myself.

How did you decide on the label who releases your music?

I am in a love affair with progressive/organic/melodic house. It's my absolute sound to play live currently and my sets are smeared with sounds from Sound Avenue, Mango Alley, All Day I Dream, Movement Records, Soundgarden and others in the same family. So it was natural when a Sound avenue sub label accepted.

How did you find match in this label where your EP is releasing

I sent in a track with some Indian vocals, he loved the track but it was rejected on the sonic but the feedback I got from Dominique was so specific and encouraging that I decided to submit another track after sometime and he ended up asking me for two more.

An instrument or device that has been monumental in this EP? And why?

I had to open my Ableton project to answer this and sadly I really can't point to any single instrument that was “monumental” , in fact a lot of it is stock instruments with some exceptions.

I never really look at what I am using as long as I get the sound that's in my head, a lot of these are happy accidents.

How soon can we expect your next release and what is that going to be about?

I have been experimenting with minimal stuff and melodic/organic at the same time so it will be either of those sonics, at least for now.

I have a few tracks but they may not find a home sadly so might just keep playing them live.

But I will release a tune definitely as a follow up and there’s a remix for future Avenue as well so that’s that.

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