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Benja Molina's Itacare EP on Transensations Releases Soon

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

What is the inspiration behind this EP? How did you come up with the name?

Thank you for this interview, it is a pleasure for me. Inspiration for an EP always knocks at the door at night, it is when I best isolate myself to always try to tell stories behind each work. The names, for example Itacaré is a municipality in Bahia, Brazil, I try to find a relationship with an always magical place, a color, or even stars or planets. I try to find a place and that is my starting point.

How did you overcome challenges to this EP?

Maybe, when I consider a track finished, I try not to make too many changes, because everything is subjective, maybe make only small adjustments, so that the track doesn't get stuck.

How did you decide on artists who would remix? And what do you think of the end result?

In the case of Evegrem I had already worked with him, in his case it is his 2nd remix for me. Gorkiz is a safe bet, since I have known him, I have always liked his identity. I previously knew him from Beatport and I really liked his catalog, so I contacted him to present some publications.

How did you find match in this label where your EP is releasing?

I think I couldn't isolate just one, I think the whole thing is what does its magic, personally I always like to develop the melodic part a lot, I usually use Nexus almost always.

A release on transensation, how is the impact of it going to be on your career?

I think it's going to be a good thing, the previous work that came out "Erganery" has made it into the Top 100 and has been supported by very important artists, I think this EP is going to be good, it's my closing of the year 2023.

Anything you want to add from your end, feel free to add.

I definitely want to thank Transensations, they take care of every detail, the covers are works of art. I want to thank everyone who listens to my music, music connects us no matter how far away we are a big hug.

BRC thanks Transensations for this opportunity to premiere one of their releases. Also thank you to everyone who supported Benja Molina's track 'Magenta' in any manner they could.

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