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Anodyne - I7HVN Commandeers His Discog the Independent Way with an Otherworldly EP

What made you go the independent route in this ep?

I have been contemplating this direction for a while now. Up until now, I have primarily released music through labels, but I am eager to delve into the intricacies of label operations. Additionally, from an artistic standpoint, I aim to curate my EPs according to my own vision. This opportunity allows me to do just that.

Your intro to this EP stonkingly otherworldly, how do you come up with that? And how does the intro sew the EP together into 1 piece?

I have a penchant for experimental electronica, and in crafting my EPs, I consistently weave a narrative. Consequently, the introductory track, 'Anodyne,' serves as the prelude to the story encapsulated within this compilation.

What is the inspiration behind this EP?

The EPs consistently feature strong narrative elements, and this one is no exception. "Anodyne," which refers to a pain-killing medicine, serves as a central theme in the story. The narrative revolves around the paradoxical concept of numbness resulting from an overwhelming influx of emotions.

How did you overcome challenges to this EP?

The primary challenge revolved around grasping the release process of the independent EP. While I received assistance from mentors and colleagues on technical aspects, the overall experience was relatively smooth.

BRC thanks I7HVN for this opportunity to premiere one of his releases. Also thank you to everyone who supported I7HVN's track 'Bloodlust' in any manner they could.

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