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Weirdsounding Dude - The Legend in the Making

"One of India’s most intriguing progressive house artists, with productions that stretch much further than the traditional scope of the progressive house" - Progressive Astronaut

Weird Sounding Dude is a Bangalore-based music producer/DJ. Drawing his influences from the likes of James Holden, Extrawelt, and Nathan Flake. Weird Sounding Dude's trademark chuggy grooves, squelchy rhythms, and winding melodies are sure to satisfy his listeners but there are always a few surprises along the way. Life is about evolving and as it happens with a lot of artists, only DJ’ing wasn’t enough for Weird Sounding Dude's musical odyssey, so he embarked on a journey to prove his worth as a self-taught music producer.

It is sincerely an honour to be in a position to ask you a couple of questions pertaining to your professional trajectory and discography.

What would you be doing today had you not been answering these questions? Something less boring, maybe?

Hello BRC, thank you for having me on board, it’s a pleasure to be chatting with you. If not for the interview, I would probably be finishing off some original music and celebrating the release success for my new EP ‘Passing Thoughts’ on Australian recorded label ‘meanwhile horizons’ which is run by two of my favourite artists GMJ and Matter.

What is happening in the studio now and what can your followers look forward to in the second half of 2022.

The creativity is always high and the vibes are always positive in the studio, I am always working on new music to share, this year you can expect few EP’s, singles and some remixes from my end, maybe couple of free downloads too.

From the time you had residency at one of the local clubs in Bangalore, what did your future discography look like? What was the plan then about Dj’ing and producing?

I never had much of a plan about producing or DJing but there has always been a vision to be able to share the music I create within the four walls of my studio to the rest of the world, fortunately that’s happening now and I am always grateful for all the support my music has been receiving.

From Ajunadeep to Plattenbank, Soundgraden to Sudbeat your releases have called many labels their home. How has the approach been on releasing music that these ivy leagues welcome?

It has always been my dream to work with such amazing labels, who have influenced the dance-floor and so many aspiring artists in so many ways. It took me quite a lot of rejections at first, but once I started finding the right momentum everything fell in place at the right time. Super grateful to all the label owners who have given my music a home. I am very happy to be working with some of these labels once again this year.

An equipment in your studio that you do not use as much in music production, but you can't part ways with it.

My MIDI keyboard, It’s the first equipment I brought for my studio so it’s always special.

Who and Why? - one artist you would like to collaborate with for a release, but you know it is not the right time yet professionally.

I am in talks with couple of my good friends about collaborations and hopefully it should take shape soon, can’t reveal the names right now.

Even though this is your genre and forte, what kind of music do you listen to at home or during leisure, while on vacation or off from work? With family and friends.

I like to listen to a lot of electronica, downtempo, indie and some regional music as well, love it!

Greater set of the demography is unaware of the challenges artists regularly face on their path to success, what’s yours?

I guess being super judgmental about your own work, and trying to be perfect. Sometimes these can hold you back.

When you are not producing, touring or performing and have ample time for personal care, what do you do? How do you rejuvenate yourself? What do you do to strike balance?

Spending time with family and friends, watching series or movies and sometimes stepping out for a long drive.

Five producers whose music you are currently playing a lot and suggest everyone follows and supports them.

Lastly, this space is for you to pen down any message you have for those who will read this.

Every experience is going to help you grow into a better artist, your path is different and unique so don’t worry much trust the process, stay dedicated.

Your time and effort that went into this interview is as much respected as appreciated.

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