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Read Rudra's Bhavishya

What is the inspiration behind this track? How did you come up with the name?

The inspiration behind this track was simply generated from my track 'Pariwartan'. I decided to work on something similar and to be honest I never got enough out of Pariwartan, so worked on new groove and produced “ BHAVISHYA “ to compliment Pariwartan. So basically I had produced an EP called “ATIT & BHAVISHYA" ( PAST & FUTURE ) and idea was simply to showcase the kind of sound I was going to follow.

How did you overcome challenges to this EP? If there were any.

You always have challenges while producing a track because you’re continuously trying to improve the quality of your work and specially if you’re targeting a label like 'JUICEBOX'. I was finally happy to achieve the quality I wanted before I could send it for approval.

What do you think of the VA you are a part of that Juicebox is releasing?

This VA is by far one of my favourite with so many quality tracks from everyone involved. Credit goes to Juicebox for picking up the gems. Simply grateful to be a part of it. Another VA that closely follow is Augmented by Mango Alley.

How did you find match in this label where your EP is releasing

All the artists in this VA are incredible and some of them are my favourite too, I have been following Alan Cerra and Emphi’s music for over a year now.

An instrument or device that has been monumental in this EP? And why?

This will be interesting because I mostly use Analog and Operator to produce 70% of the sounds in my tracks.

How soon can we expect your next release and what is that going to be about?

I have a good stream of releases to follow in next couple of months. Couple of remixes for Alan Cerra and Savrun Brothers on AH DIGITAL and Droid9 Records followed by an EP on Aboriginal Records. But the project that I’m most excited is the bootleg of Bombay Theme” which I will be sharing in May

BRC thanks Juicebox Music for this opportunity to premiere one of their releases. Also thank you to everyone who supported Rudra's track "Bhavishya" in any manner they could. Buy Track - Bhavishya.

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