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Kasper Koman's India Tour 2022 - To Corners Unexplored

Is this your first trip to India? If not, when was the last time you had come and which cities/clubs you visited.

Hey! This is my second trip to India, the first one being in 2019. We tried to plan the second trip in 2020 already but we all know what happened. It seems like quite a long while ago but at the same time the pandemic seemed to have happened in a flash. Anyway, super happy to be here again.

How many cities are you touring this time and how excited are you to visit them?

We’re doing a total of five cities in India. Last weekend was Goa, Hyderabad and Raipur. Upcoming weekend will be Guwahati and Kolkata, so I’m about halfway. Because India is such a big country, I love seeing the variety in the cities and different regions. There’s also endless good food to explore. The reality is though I spent such a short time in most places. When I’m playing I have to travel and (maybe) get a bit of sleep too, most of the time leaving with a feeling I wish I could stay longer!

Is there any city you are particularly looking forward to playing at?

To be at Hyderabad again was great, such a good crowd there. I’m grateful to meet people again who still remember being at the 2019 gig. Also I’m excited to visit Guwahati because it seems more mountainous, and being from a flat country I really love mountains. In terms of events I let myself be surprised, you never really know. Some places can unexpectedly be so good.

What are you looking forward to doing while in the country that is not related to the gigs planned?

Eating as much Dosa as my body allows.

How is the stay and experience in Bangalore going on so far?

It’s really chill to hang out here, and get the energy back up after the weekend. We had a meetup with the Juicebox family, some producers and DJs from the area and other music lovers and it was really good. We went to a bar which is known for not playing music. Most times meetings happen at clubs when we’re surrounded by music so it was great now to meet under different circumstances.

How are you preparing for your tour? Personally and musically speaking.

I love to travel so getting to visit to play music is a big privilege. So personally speaking I’m just looking forward to it. Musically I’m in the studio trying to finish as much new music as I can to bring fresh material, making edits of tracks to suit my sets better or to create a specific moment in a set, loosely preparing sets and finding some killer transitions. I want to give the best set I can so I think a good bit of preparation helps.

What can fans expect from your set?

New IDs, sometimes going for something more dark as well if my slot allows. For example my last EP on Lost Miracle was quite melodic and maybe a bit on the lighter side so people sometimes don’t expect me to go more into the depths. But I love to do that when the night progresses. Also I’m happy to be in touch with some of my favourite producers to get some music from them early. I enjoy sets which don’t feel too much like separated tracks but rather working as a whole and have a great flow start to finish so I try to do that as well.

Your message to your fans who are going to see you.

Come say hi :)

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