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BRCast Label Showcase - Linderluft Records

What made you create this label? Why? What is the idea and inspiration behind it?

Have my own platform to show my music taste, know more about the hypnotic world scene, establish strong networks. Primarily support underground movements and artists promoting offbeat techno. Inspirations could be the nature, the feeling that is born when you are in contact with the beautiful simplicity of nature, the organic sounds and how they relate to the dance floor. the mental trip that provokes this techno subgenre.

How long had the idea of a label been on your minds before its official launch? What were the challenges running up to its launch?

1 year before i had it in mind. The challenges maybe could be the uncertainty about the level of acceptance or criticism

What is the inspiration behind the log and artwork?

Logo - It's a compound word that means in the air in another language, basically the feeling of floating, being in space when you really get involved in what you're listening to.

Artworks: Perfection of nature and its underworlds, mixed with abstract elements related to each release.

What genre of music the label hosts and what do you look for specifically in a track that gives you that sense of belonging in a track to release it on your platform?

Genre is ambient, drum and bass, hypnotic, deep, minimal techno. I look for a fairly elaborate work, with organic, minimalist elements, a lot of percussions and constant mental trips.

In terms of demos, how do you accept, review and reject from all the thousands you receive? What are the challenges in sifting through the boatload of demos you receive for releases and the communication you maintain with aspirants?

The first filter is to listen to what they send you, that's when you more or less realize if they listened to your label before sending you the demo. If it does not fit the musical line, the artist is respectfully told to please listen to the label before sending again.

If iI see that have potential, I leave a strong feedback and give motivation for continue making music and again that they will send me .

How many VA and compilations do you release in a year and what kind of tracks you choose? What kind of artists do you select for the VA? Basically what purpose does a VA serve to a label?

7 releases (1 VA). I choose the tracks with the sound that I like the most in terms of elaboration and quality and also look for a relationship between them, in this way the ep or Lp is a journey. I think that a VA its a great collaboration between artist and label, both have many situations where his music is shown in different platforms with the key people (Soundcloud channels, bandcamp, etc.) the community grows.

Which one has been a highlight release and why?

This release is very special because I created a beautiful relationship with every artist, before the label we had communication with support in podcasts, or in dj set, and work together for me was a great time for collaboration. And many good feedbacks, definitely I love this piece.

What do you expect from new talent when you sign them? What makes you reject them from releasing on your label?

I expect those who not only make good music, but who are upright people, with good manners, educated, and hard-working. I hate arrogances.

What kind of support do you look for from artists and other parties in promoting your music worldwide? What are the challenges in promoting music to corners of the world where you may not be as popular as in your home country.

I think that the main support is when they play your music in parties, buy your music from bandcamp. Or simply recommend your music to the different music agents (artists, labels, collectives, etc). The challenge is beatport and all platforms that dont show you the real impact of your music ( i dont like how they work because is not real).

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