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Bøne.FM Plays Host to Bliz Nochi's EP That Pays Tribute to Club Culture

What is the inspiration behind this EP? How did you come up with the name?

When I was in Hamburg, Germany, I was working on new material, and I got inspired by the energy and mood of the Kinder Garden Club in Gängeviertel. This club is famous for its wild and interesting experimental energy. I wanted to translate this mood into a composition in which I sing about how it would be nice to see the light after three days of a non-stop rave that often occurs inside this club. This, of course, is a metaphor and nevertheless reflects the mood and pastime of the visitors to this club.

How did you overcome challenges with this EP?

The process of creating different pieces of art varies a lot. Sometimes they are written in one take, and other times the composition goes through its own path of development. For example, the song ‘I'm Searching You In A Void’ was written and completed quite quickly. In contrast, ‘Nacht in Kindergärten’ waited for its completion for two years; the vocals and some additional elements were finished this year. Over time, you can objectively track the nuances and refine the composition.

How did you decide on artists who would remix? And what do you think of the end result?

When I started working with Bøne.FM on the release of the EP, we were discussing our options for remixing. During this time, I was in India, where I personally met DJ Shaman, an amazing producer who lives and works there. I invited him to be a part of the project, and I was not disappointed. DJ Shaman sent us an amazing re-interpretation of the song ‘Nacht In Kindergarten', injecting his signature intense, bouncy acid sound into the mix.

The label-owner Bønehead asked the veteran producer from the United Kingdom, ETRA, who he has worked with before, and his remix gave ‘I Am Searching You In The Void’ a complete makeover, a new genre in which my tracks had not yet been presented, an experimental, yet in your face, drum & bass/jungle hybrid. This remix gave a totally new perspective to the track, which I'm very happy about. It's nice to go outside the box.

While working on the project, we also had another artist, ManojPuri, who created another remix of ‘Nacht in Kindergärten’. He gave it a vintage, ritualistic, downtempo vibe. We decided to release his remix as a bonus track exclusively on Bandcamp. I am very thankful to the artists who collaborated on this release for their creative input into my music.

How did you decide on the label that releases your music?

It was quite clear to me when I first heard Bøne.FM’s discography that they would love my new project. The professional approach of Bøne.FM, combined with their respect for my artistic expression and freedom (not to mention the effort they put in behind the scenes), made me feel like this was the right home for this project.

Which instrument or device has been monumental in this EP? And why?

In the process of creating my music, I always use various new tools that are in my arsenal. This includes the Virus synthesizer, which I use very often in my tracks, along with various virtual instruments and, of course, live vocals and my guitar. I like to experiment with electronic sound and mix it with real and organic sound.

How soon can we expect your next release, and what is that going to be about?

I try not to talk about plans because looking into the future makes no sense to me. Living in the present is my philosophy, so I can only say that I create a lot of music. And, of course, I collaborate with many different labels to release my music. With that said, I’d like to thank everyone who supports me and listens to my music. I hope to see you all at the venues where I play in different countries around the world, and I wish everyone a world of love and goodness.

BRC thanks Bøne.FM for this opportunity to premiere one of their releases. Also thank you to everyone who supported Bliz Nochi's track 'I Am Searching You In A Void' in any manner they could.

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