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Aum Sounds Resonate Deep in German/Polish Label Delayed Arrivals.

What is the inspiration behind this EP? How did you come up with the name?

The inspiration behind this EP was to check out if I could produce a different style of techno, which I was not very familiar with while producing but I liked the kind of music that was being released in this spectrum- deep/ambient/hypnotic. I was inspired by the music that was being released on Hypnus, Affin, the Gods planet, etc to name a few, and even my teacher who also releases music in this spectrum.

In music, textures are how the tempo, melodic, and harmonic materials are combined in a musical composition, determining the overall quality of the sound in a piece. I chose the name 'Textures' as all four tracks come together to tell deep ambient/ hypnotic stories in one journey through this EP.

How did you overcome challenges to this EP?

While completing the EP, I had to face some minor challenges. I had a creative block for about a month and was not able to finish my intro and last track. Then I started recording a lot of sounds around me while I was away in the woods, nature or even in the city. I gathered a big library of sounds and started some organic sound designing from the recorded sounds which helped me massively in completing this EP.

How did you decide on the label who releases your music?

Before sending it to Marcin (the label owner of Delayed Arrivals), I sent it to a couple of labels, who constantly release music in this spectrum. Generally they liked 2 or 3 tracks and only wanted to release those tracks on their label. But my vision was of a proper 4 track EP that were going in flow after one another as they are having some elements and soundscapes in common. When I sent the demos to Marcin, he really understood the concept, approach and my vision of the EP. We had a lengthy chat about the release. After listening to his ideas I was sure that this guy's serious about releasing and promoting the EP with all four tracks.

How did you find match in this label where your EP is releasing

As I have already said, I found a match in vision with Marcin’s ideas after speaking to him. Marcin was keen on pushing out this EP and promoting it. It was due to him I decided to release the EP on Delayed Arrivals records.

An instrument or device that has been monumental in this EP?

Many devices have been monumental in making this EP like Wavetable and operator, even my guitar from which I’ve recorded some beautiful sounds and tones. But as I said, the field recordings of the sounds around me were the most important as it gives the tracks an organic feel and continuity.

How soon can we expect your next release and what is that going to be about?

You can expect my next release to be pretty soon as I’m about to be done with one more EP, but this one will be Fast, groovy, Hypnotic, and kind of an interstellar trip. Mostly December end or January.

BRC thanks Delayed Arrivals for this opportunity to premiere one of their releases. Also thank you to everyone who supported Aum Core's track 'Luminescence' in any manner they could.

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