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Alec Gives Shape to his Dream and For Senses Frames it.

What is the inspiration behind this EP? How did you come up with the name?

Both songs were dreams I had. In Myrrha's dream, I was standing, and looking down towards my chest and I saw a point of light growing right in the middle of it. This point of light started to grow and grow bigger and bigger and took over my entire body. It was when, full by the light from head to toe, my whole body exploded in lights, and after this, a melody appeared.

In Maria's track, some weeks ago, minutes before waking up, a complete melody formed and so I went to the studio and wrote the song. This track still didn't have a name when I finished it and so I said a prayer thanking God for receiving this Music as a gift but I also asked Him for help to name this track. I said: " It is for You that I make Music so help me with a name for this one." That's when I heard some voice like a whisper in my right ear the name "Maria", which by the way is the name from my wife.

How did you overcome challenges to this EP? If there were any.

I'm just the tool to receive these melodies. I just need to do my part after the dreams because the songs won't do themselves.

How did you decide on artists who would remix? And what do you think of the end result?

Nikko Mavridis is a friend and an artist I know your music long time ago and I really like the vision of him in Electronic Music. David Podhel is a producer I knew his music this year and we became friends too. I liked the results of the two remixes because the remixes have the original characteristics of their creators.

How did you decide on the label who releases your music?

The For Senses team is made up of good friends and excellent professionals.

How did you find match in this label where your EP is releasing

The label is genuinely made by people that really like the Music and is steadily growing and I am happy to be a part of it.

An instrument or device that has been monumental in this EP? And why?

Nothing special, but I use a vst called Dune by Synapse Audio which I really like the presets because in it I found the sounds most similar to what I dream of.

How soon can we expect your next release and what is that going to be about?

It will be a new remix that will be released in two weeks on the Electronic Tree label.

I loved the final result and the remix is full of feelings and sensations. It became a good story to be tell from the original track I received from Tuxedo, label owner.

BRC thanks For Senses Records for this opportunity to premiere one of their releases. Also thank you to everyone who supported Alec Araujo's track "Myrrha" (Original Mix) in any manner they could.

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